IBP software for Linux/Unix

This little program helps one with monitoring the beacons of the International Beacon Project, by continuously showing which beacon is transmitting on which frequency, along with the distance and antenna directions.


The above picture shows what IBP's screen looks like in multi-band mode: all 5 active beacons are marked. Alternatively, a single band can be selected; in that case, the morse code representation of currently active beacon can optionally be shown at the bottom of the screen, to aid those who don't know morse code.

[map display screenshot]

On X11 systems, additionally a window like the above can be shown, containing a world map, with indication of day and night areas, the active beacons, and the short (solid line) and long (dotted line) path to the listener. (This display was largely based on the `sunclock' program.)

IBP was developed on a Linux system, but should run on pretty much any Unix (-like) system on which the curses or ncurses library is available. The source code of the current version (0.21) can be downloaded as a .tgz-file here.

Comments, bug reports and suggestions for improvement are welcome, e.g. by e-mail to pa3fwm@amsat.org.

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