Plotting HF propagation times

On this page, you can draw curves of known radio propagation time to some site, or with known radio propagation time difference to two sites, much like with G3PLX's poslines.exe program for MS-Windows.
An older version of this page, using Google maps rather than OpenStreetMap, is still available here.

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Examples: jo32kf 3 - draw 3 ms circle around QTH height 400 - set ionosphere height to 400 km (default 300 km) for next lines jo32kf 3e - draw 3 ms circle via E-layer at 100 km use height 0 for ground-wave jo32kf 3g - draw 3 ms circle via groundwave rtw 139 - set round-the-world time to 139 ms (default 138.5 ms) for next lines pa3fwm 3 blue - do so in blue; may use some pre-programmed location name (used for multi-hop propagation) jo32kf hops - draw boundaries of regions reachable by 1, 2, ... hops precision 0.1 - draw hyperbolas with even more precision (default 1) jo32kf 4 io22aa 6 - draw region which is 10-4=6ms closer to jo32kf than to io22aa speedfactor 0.999 - compute with a 0.1% slower propagation speed also shows thinner lines for 0.5 ms margin either side path pa3fwm io22aa - draw great-circle path between two locations label jo32kf home - put label "home" at the location

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