PA3FWM's amateur radio software for Linux/Unix

This page lists some pieces of amateur radio related software that I've written for Linux (and other Unix-like systems). Unless otherwise noted, these are distributed as source code which can be freely distributed under the conditions of the GNU General Public License.

Besides the projects listed here, I have also contributed to various other open-source projects, hosted elsewhere, most notably gnuplot, the AVR transistor tester and LCnetgen.
I also have some software projects of which, for various reasons, I do not publish the source code.

Comments, bug reports and suggestions for improvement for these programs would be appreciated; they can be sent to


Xnecview is a program for visualizing the input and output files of the NEC antenna simulation software. It displays the antenna's structure, radiation pattern and current distribution on the antenna's wires; furthermore, it can plot gain, front/back ratio, impedance and SWR as a function of frequency. Some screenshots and the software itself are available here.

PUFF on Linux

The PUFF microwave circuit analysis software, well-known under MS-DOS, is now available under GPL, ready to compile on Linux, here.


BasicDSP is an educational tool that makes it easy to experiment with simple Digital Signal Processing algorithms for audio signals. It is available here.


IPS (Interpreter for Process Structures) is a somewhat Forth-like language that is used for the on-board computer on several AMSAT (Amateur Radio) spacecraft (AO-10, AO-13 and AO-40). For experimenting, a package has been written to run IPS programs on Linux/Unix systems.


AO40tlmview decodes the telemetry transmitted by the AMSAT-OSCAR 40 satellite, and provides an ncurses-based interface for browsing through the telemetry blocks. It is available here.


RSCW is an experimental program for decoding morse code (CW) signals using the computer's soundcard. Since it assumes perfect timing of the morse code signals, it is mostly useful for receiving machine-sent signals, such as telemetry from some (amateur radio) satellites. The program and a description of the algorithms used are available here.


This little program helps one with monitoring the beacons of the International Beacon Project, by continuously showing which beacon is transmitting. Some screenshots and the software itself are available here.

Multi-server for F6FBB BBS software

This program makes it possible for users of the F6FBB packet-radio BBS software to send a single mail to several recipients. The recipient list can either be contained in the mail itself (following a simple syntax), or be one of a set of sysop-defined lists. The version available here works with the 7.00 versions of the FBB software. Cees, PA3AES, has created a modified version, which is compatible with 7.02 versions of FBB. I hope to merge these two versions in the future.

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